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People hold a lot of valuables in their homes. It’s almost impossible to keep them all in the bank, isn’t it? You can’t keep your jewelry in a safety deposit box in the bank because you are wearing them. You also need to keep money in the house because you never know what happens. So what do you do?

Southwest Specialty Products Book Diversion Safe
made from genuine product containers
perfect for home, office, school, travel, RV's, and boats
it measures 6.5 by 4 inches, and the depth is 1 inch
Wholeness Home Realistic Looking Hollow Book
looks like any other book in your bookshelf, plastic model. Great for boats and RV's
hide your money, jewelry,passport, documents etc.
made of sturdy steel that cannot be broken
Home & Tools Jiffy Peanut Butter Diversion Stash Safe
handcrafted with stylish and innovative design
perfect to be hidden in plain sight
the space inside is more than satisfactory

Burglaries happen all across the country every single day. Despite the efforts of law enforcement, it still happens. Anyone of us can be the victim. Maybe when you go to work in broad daylight, or maybe when you go away for the weekend. You can’t take everything with you, so what is your alternative? I find that a diversion safe is the best way to go.

What is a diversion safe?

The beauty of a diversion safe is that it can be anything. It can be a book in the library or jar of peanut butter in the kitchen cabinet. Such an item is designed to hold money or other valuables without giving the impression that you keep something other than what it says on the box or cover. I’ve seen a lot of things that I would never havethought to be a diversion safe, such as a jar, an Ajax container, a hair brush, and I once saw a massive bolt with a hollow space in it to hold money.

Statistically speaking, a burglar will spend, on average, seven minutes in your house when he breaks in. In these seven minutes, he will look in places where he knows for sure that you keep something of worth, like your jewelry box, sock drawer, office cabinets, and so on. But he would never think to look in the kitchen cabinet to check for every container or look through every book in the library, which is why a diversion safe is such a brilliant idea.

The benefits of a diversion safe

As you can imagine, you can benefit a great deal from owning such a safe. Not only that you will sleep better, but when you are going away for a couple of days, you can be relaxed that in the event of a burglary you won’t lose anything of value. Here are the main reasons you should buy one.

  • It’s a cheap alternative to a real safe. A real safe, the one that must be installed in one of your walls, it’s a lot more expensive than a diversion safe. You need to spend good money on purchasing it, then you need to call someone to install it, and you must break a wall. Not all houses have walls thick enough to accommodate a safe, so you need to look for alternatives. Who needs that kind of a hassle, right? But a diversion safe is cheap, and all you have to do is place it in an area where it can blend in. If you buy a diversion safe that takes the form of an Ajax container, you can’t put it on a shelf in the library, can you? It will stand out.
  • Whenever you leave home, you feel reassured that your valuables are very difficult to find. As long as you buy a diversion safe that nobody would think to look in, you can have peace of mind. Burglars will never think to look in the kitchen cabinet to see if the money is hidden in a jar. They will search in more obvious places.
  • Diversion safes are usually very small, so you can put them anywhere you want. You can hide the valuable in plain sight, as they say. I once read a news article about this lady who bought a diversion safe in the shape of a hair brush and put it in a drawer. When her house was broken into, the burglars looked into the drawer but threw away the brush. If only they knew that the lady has hidden almost two grand in it.
  • Since diversion safes are so cheap and small, you can put them all around the house. Sometimes it’s hard to hide all of your valuables in one place, so you need some extra space. Purchasing multiple diversion safes will solve that problem for you.
  • Because of their compact design, you can take them with you when you travel. You need to keep your valuables hidden when you are home, but when you go on vacation and stay in a hotel, you need protection as well. Many people choose to hold their valuables on themselves during vacation because they fear someone will break into their hotel room. It happens very often. But if you buy a cleaning solution container and put it behind the door in the bathroom, nobody will ever think to look what’s inside. Maybe you are thinking that a burglar reads this piece now and educates himself to know where to look, but keep in mind one thing. Burglars are just people. When they are on a heist, they don’t think clearly. Their bodies are pumped with adrenaline. Their whole purpose is to take what they see and get out of there as fast as possible before someone catches them.

How to choose the best diversion safe?

As long as it does the job, any diversion safe is the best. However, there are a few criteria that must be met. Here is what I think it’s most important.

  • Credibility – when you buy a hollow book, don’t buy one that looks as if it were made of plastic. It needs to seemlike the real thing. A burglar must not make the difference between the cover of the diversion safe and another book in the library. I have to admit that a hollow book is quite mainstream, and maybe some burglars think of looking there. But taking every book to see if it’s empty lasts too long. And as I said, burglars don’t have that kind of time.
  • Attention to details – when a manufacturer produces a diversion safe, he needs to think of every detail. How to hide the lock is one of them, but I am also talking about the veracity of the item. For example, I once saw a diversion safe in the shape of a peanut butter jar. It was empty because it was hollow. But the amazing part is that it felt heavy as if it was full. It looked full, but it had to feel heavy as well. Otherwise, a thief may think that something is wrong with the whole thing and steal it all together.

What are the best diversion safes?

I had seen a lot of models when I did a search online. I was amazed by people’s ingenuity. There are so many of them that I couldn’t possibly say which one is the best. What I can do, however, is present a few examples that customers are very satisfied with.

Southwest Specialty Products Book Diversion Safe

Click here to buy on Amazon

A book is the most mainstream idea for a diversion safe. Maybe because it’s the most common, but it still works. I believe that the secret lies with how it’s designed. As long as the safe looks precisely like a book, you should have nothing to worry about. The attention to details must be high, and nothing about it must not give it away.

This book diversion safe is exactly what I was describing above. It looks like a real book. And don’t think that all products are the same. Titles and covers differ. It is made from actual product containers. I have read a lot of reviews, and a lot of people said that after a while, not even they could remember the title, so it was hard to find it among hundreds of books. When you open the book, you can notice that it looks like a regular book. It even has written pages in it. But after you move a few pages, the secret compartment will reveal itself. It has a lock and a key, and I believe it to be significant enough. It measures 6.5 by 4 inches, and the depth is 1 inch.

I think that the Southwest Specialty Products diversion safe is ideal for your home, office, school, and when you travel. You can place money in it, your passport, documents, jewelry, credit cards, and much more. Keep in mind, though, that the book diversion safe will work better in an environment where there are a lot of books. If you don’t have anyother books in the house but just this one, it may look suspicious. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Wholeness Home Realistic Looking Hollow Book

Click here to buy on Amazon

I believe that this book is better than the previous one. They are both high-quality, but one has to be better, right? And let me explain to you why that is.

This book diversion safe is hidden in a real marble cotton cover that looks like an English dictionary. From the outside, nobody would guess that there is asmall safe in there. If you place a real English dictionary next to this diversion safe, you cannot tell the difference. The attention to details is magnificent. The pages are indeed made of plastic, but they are aligned perfectly to resemble a book. Even the pages look unevenly cut to show more veracity.

Another aspect that makes me feel safer with this diversion safe is that the lockbox is made of sturdy steel that cannot be broken unless you have special tools. There is a lock that will keep things away from people who know about the book. Preferably, you shouldn’t tell anyone about this.

The safe is big enough to accommodate various valuables such as passports, money, jewelry, prescription bottles, and even a small firearm. It’s ideal for homes, offices, RVs, boats, or any other place where a book may look as if it belongs. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Home & Tools Jiffy Peanut Butter Diversion Stash Safe

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I don’t know if you paid attention earlier when I told you that I was very impressed with a fake jar of peanut butter. This is the model. I believe it to be brilliant. Nobody would even think to look in it,  mainlybecause it looks full. Who would hide something in a full jar of peanut butter? And not only that the jar looks full, but it also feels full. When you hold it, you can feel as if it were filled with peanut butter. How brilliant is that?

The design looks exactly like Jiffy peanut butter. You couldn’t make the difference, even if you put them one close to the other. It is handcrafted and perfect to be hidden in plain sight. You can put this on the kitchen counter, and still, nobody would think to check it out.

The space inside is more than satisfactory. You can put money, jewelry or anything else that may fit. It’s kind of difficult to put in documents because it’s a jar, after all, but other than that, you can put in anything. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

My recommendation

I was very impressed with the Jiffy peanut butter, but I have to go with the Wholeness Home Realistic Looking Hollow Book. It is more than a hollow book, it hasexcellent construction, and it really blends in with all the other books in the library. I couldn’t imagine a burglar looking for an unknown word in the dictionary during a heist. That is why I believe that the Wholeness Home Realistic Looking Hollow Book is one of the best diversion safes on the market.


Keeping our valuables safe is one of our most important concerns in life. We’d hate something bad happening to our house or to our car, but about the small items? They need protection as well, which is why a diversion safe is very useful in your house. I strongly recommend it. Click here to buy on Amazon

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